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It’s on the 31st, new years’ eve. The clock on your phone reads 11pm, 1 more hour till you usher in the new year. The house is in deathly silence and you are sorrounded by your two siblings who are  hunched over, watching cartoons on your phone. Mom is on night vigil, couldn’t carry herContinue reading “Dawn”


I’ve heard tales about the ocean; how peaceful and calm it is, how people go there and come back looking refreshed and free, glowing and happy. And so I decided to visit this ‘heaven’ that people praised so much. I decided to take the train: flying gave me anxiety and it was also not aContinue reading “Peace”

5 A.M

I remember how excited she was when she broke the news to me that she was traveling abroad. We even celebrated! “finally I’m going to be able to put up the small bizna mum has always wanted; at least sasa doh itakuwa ikiingia na ntaweza kusaidia mzae na niwekee mathe bizna.” We stayed up allContinue reading “5 A.M”

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